Upcoming events
17 May 2019

General Assembly meeting

Darmstadt, Germany
16 May 2019

Meeting of the working group "Independence and Efficiency"

Darmstadt, Germany
15 May 2019

German Verwaltungsgerichtstag 2019

Darmstadt, Germany
14 Mar 2019

joint seminar AEAJ-EJTN

Ljubljana, Slovenia
15 Jun 2018

General Assemble meeting of AEAJ

Tallinn, Estonia
14 Jun 2018

Meeting of the Working Group Independence

Tallinn, Estonia
17 May 2018

Workshop Impacts of the ECHR and EU-law on the procedural laws

Bucarest, Romania
15 Mar 2018

Seminar structural issues on conflicts of norms

Thessaloniki, Greece
05 Oct 2017

Meeting of the working group taxation law

Ljubljana, Slovenia
28 Sep 2017

Meeting of the working group Asylum and Immigration

Athens, Greece