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12 Jan 2020

Situation in Poland

Please find here the open letters on the situation of judiciary in Poland from the European Association of Judges:

open letter

open letter January 2018

open letter March 2018

Resolution of the Assembly of Representatives of Judges of the Regional Court in Krakow of 26 February 2018

open letter of the President of the Polish Supreme Court 2018

AEAJ-Statement: situation on the independence of the judiciary in Poland June 2018

Position Paper of the Board of the ENCJ on the membership of the KRS of Poland

Position Polish Judges Association

PRESS RELEASE No 159/18 Court of Justice


Please finde here a letter from the President of Polish Judges Association "Iustitia" to Frans Timmermans with information about the current situation  of judiciary in Poland:

Here you find a report of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights on disciplinary proceedings against judges and prosecutors taken recently in Poland:

Here you find the letter of AEAJ on the recent developements in Polish judiciary (March 2019):

Here you find the press release from the General Secretariat of ACA-Europe (December 2019):

The statement from the president of EAJ (February 2020):