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15 Jun 2016

ACTIONES Project - European University Institute, Florence

AEAJ takes part at the ACTIONES-project, realized by the European University, Florence.


Within this project, a handbook will finally be published, containing different modules (the first part will be about the scope and application of the _Fundamental Rights Charter (FRC), Judicial interaction techniques, available to national judges in the field of FR in the EU and about the right of effective remedy. The second part will be on the application of the FRC in selected areas of law. Finally this part will be incorporated for training materials on FRC in the end).


The activities in this project comprise inter alia the collection of European an national case-law exemplifying questions on the scope and application of the European Fundamental Rights Charter and  the organisation of transnational training workshops as explained in Annex 1.

In a first step of the project 5 working groups have been set up in these areas of law: Consumer Protection, Migration and Asylum, Non-Discrimination, Criminal Law and Effective Judicial Protection. These working groups 1, 2, 3, 5  have also administrative judges as members.


In a second step, transnational events are planned and effectuated to each of these topics of law.

 Right now, the calls for application (also for AEAJ members) for the events in the area of Non-Discrimination (TT3) and Effective Judicial Protection (TT5) are open.

Call for Judges TT3 and TT4 

Call for Judges TT5