Upcoming events
07 Nov 2017

Save the date - next meetings of the working groups in 2018

1) 15/16 March 2018: the AEAJ-EJTN seminar will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Topic: " Structural issues on conflicts of norms"  (with maximum 20 participants nominated by AEAJ)   

Details on the event and possibility to apply for participation will be given to you asap.


2) 17/18 May 2018: NIM-AEAJ seminar in Bucarest, Romania.

This workshop will be held by Heinrich Zens and Edith Zeller. It is open for up to 10 AEAJ participants (and takes place with Romanian colleagues, selected by NIM).

Venue: NIM National Institute of Magistracy, Bucarest, Romania.

Topic: "Impacts of the ECHR and EU-law on the procedural laws ".

3) 14/15 June 2018:  meeting WG Independence, Tallinn, Estonia.

 Contact persons: Vice-Presidents and co-chairs Rasa Ragulskyte and Bernard Even.


4) 15 June 2018, afternoon: GA meeting of AEAJ, Tallinn, Estonia.

 Contact persons: Karin Winter  


5) Further meetings of the WG Asylum, WG Taxation and WG Environment will be announced asap, once details are fixed. It is likely  that these events will take place in autumn 2018.